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Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly NYC Blog Post - 6.18.2012

Hey what do you know Blogger deleted my post again!  I'm about to switch systems because this is just getting ridiculous...


Pounds and Ounces
I went here last night and the food was delicious!  It is very scene-y which you wouldn't think from the sign outside but it wasn't hard to get a table for two. You must check out the mural in the back - it's amazing. 

 Photo Credit: Pounds and Ounces Facebook page

We weren't that hungry so we opted for the bite-sized apps like the deviled eggs and the tuna bites.  The eggs could've been a little spicier but were still good and the tuna was very spicy with fresh fish.  Overall liked both of these but not the best versions I've ever had.

The Mac & Cheese Croquettes tasted exactly like toasted mac n' cheese and were really good.  Not sure the sauce did much for them though.


The Ribeye Sliders with bleu cheese, balsamic teriyaki and caramelized onions on an onion loaf were the big seller - super saucy and rich and tasty - YUM.



Cafe Mogador
This place is SUPER cute and very East Village.  The wait wasn't too horrible for brunch on a Sunday and they had pretty solid Bloody Marys.  I had the spinach, goat cheese and diced tomato omelet which was really good but could've used a little more goat cheese.
 Photo Credit:

I didn't even realize this was where I was eating until I asked the name of the restaurant.  It's small with cool knick-knacks and signage.  We sat outside on a weekday and didn't have to wait at all.  We shared the burrata mozzarella which I didn't really like because the cheese was too chewy but the tomatoes were perfectly ripe and delicious.  For an entree I had the rigatoni ragu with pork sausage which wasn't too spicy and had lots of meat - almost too much for me!



Beauty and Essex

 Photo Credit: Beauty and Essex Website

It was "go big or go home" Wednesday at Beauty and Essex and we ordered a ton.  I've been here for drinks but have never tried the food although I'd heard amazing things.

We started with the sashimi of tuna (Tonnato Style) with lemon zested olive oil, crunchy chorizo and sea salt which was good but not particularly memorable (you are about to see a theme here).


These were probably the second best things we had - bruschetta essentially.  We tried the whipped ricotta with roasted pumpkin, crispy sage, pumpkin seed oil and fig balsamic and the avocado, lemon and espelette.  The ricotta was delicious and the bread was nicely toasted (I like my toast a little burnt) but the pumpkin didn't really add much.  The avocado one just tasted like avocado paste.  Both had the beginnings of being really good but were missing that extra layer of taste.

These were my two favorite items - the charred shishito peppers and the grilled cheese, smoked bacon and tomato soup dumplings.  The peppers were piping hot in a nice sauce and the dumplings slid right off the spoon and were a mixture of amazing flavors that almost tasted like mac n' cheese as opposed to grilled cheese.  I think I stole about three of these...

While it was a beautiful presentation and all of meat, the heritage baby back ribs (Cuban style) with guava glaze and pickled green papaya slaw were also kind of tasteless.  It's so weird how all the dishes are beautiful but don't have much flavor.  So strange.  The papaya slaw was actually the most flavorful part!

Last and probably least were the oven braised chicken meatballs with sheeps milk ricotta and wild mushroom truffle.  As we know I'm not a huge fan of mushroom and now I'm not a huge fan of chicken meatballs.  The ricotta was the only winning part of this - some of the best cheese I've had... wonder where they buy it from.

My overall impression was the venue is really cool and our waitress was AWESOME (super sassy) but the food was like a top model - beautiful to look at with not much to keep you around.  I'll be back from drinks but probably not for dinner.

DL (old Ludlow Manor)
So the rooftop of the Ludlow Manor is now call the Down Low and will probably be changed to something new next week but despite what they are currently calling it this place was really cool.  The drinks are outrageously expensive ($7 HAPPY HOUR Bud Lights??) but the venue was like being in a tropical greenhouse lit with really cool lights.  It was peaceful but trendy and not too crowded.  Also you can just lounge around on giant couches without buying bottle service (that's a new one).  I'd come back just for the amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Photo Credit: DL Website


Half Pint
Randomly ended up here late night to meet up with friends and was starving.  Ordered the chicken pot pie which was smoking hot and mouthwatering.  Pretty sure I burnt all parts of my mouth because I couldn't wait to eat it.  I was not disappointed.

 Photo Credit: Half Pint Website

Another one of those bars I've probably walked past nine million times and just realized was there.  The design of the venue is really cool, the crowd is chill even on a Saturday and the drinks looked good even though I didn't have one.  I will have to come back and investigate this one more since I was only there for a hot second.

Photo Credit: Highlands Website

Another place I've walked past a bunch but have always wanted to try.  Finally hit it up for dinner on Sunday and was not disappointed.  We got a seat immediately although unfortunately not outside.

The arugula and pomegranate salad with toasted pistachio, goat cheese and aged sherry vinaigrette was light, refreshing and very flavorful.  They included lots of tops (which you can't really tell here) which was nice because I'm not a huge fan of lettuce haha.

Also the fried artichoke starter with shaved manchego, baby greens and two sauces was also light and quite good.

And lastly the sangria was mighty tasty.  Overall I was really impressed with this place.  It's lowkey, doesn't take itself to seriously and is quiet so you can have good conversation.  Also it's nice to have a light dinner option in your back pocket for when you've had your fill of New York Italian.

Tortilla Flats
Another place I've been wanting to go to and now that I have I never need to go back.  This place is ONLY for partying and partying HARD.  The drinks are pretty terrible and not very strong, the food (I had Enchiladas verde) is terrible and the place is so crowded and loud that unless you are wasted all you want to do is leave.  Just saying.  Seen it.  Don't need to go back.