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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekly NYC Blog Post - 9.17.2013


The Park
This is SUCH a beautiful restaurant.  I've been wanting to try it and finally had my opportunity when our new coworker started.  Thanks for lunch work!  I insisted on sitting in the garden area and ordered the beet salad with sunflower seeds and goat cheese to stay with the theme.  The food was as beautiful as the restaurant although maybe not as flavorful as I would've hoped.  This would be a GREAT date spot or girl's dinner night.  I would definitely come back even if it is just for drinks.

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Black Iron Burger
I've found myself taking unique ways home from the Lower East Side just to contemplate stopping in here again.  Finger-lickin-good burgers.  I had the Classic with lettuce and pickles and then I added caramelized onions, spicy mayo, cheddar cheese and a fried egg.  It got all over my face, fingers, plate and lap... and did I care?  Absolutely not.  I WILL be back here.  Probably this week.  Oh, and they have damn good cider.

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Paul's Burger
Another great burger spot where yet again I went with the burger that featured a fried egg (Texas burger).  Not quite as good as the Black Iron, or as messy, but the wait staff here is a riot.  They have a milkshake called the "Michael Jackson" and when we asked "why that name?" the waitress said, "because it's half black, half white."  Hilarious.  Definitely a dive but a great place to stop after a long day of Beekman beers or 13th Step sports.

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Talk about one of the worst brunches I've had in Manhattan.  In fact it might have been the worst!  I ordered "The Cure" which is soaked tortilla, salsa verde and queso blanco topped with two fried eggs.  It was the only thing on the menu that even looked appetizing.  The resulting dish was far from it with rubbery eggs and chicken that looked like it'd been carved out of a can.  And the tortillas were definitely soaked... soaked and soggy.  Writing about it is making me nauseous all over again!  The one redeeming factor was the throwback 90s jams featuring Backstreet Boys and TLC.  I will NOT be back.

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Great pork sandwiches to go but way over priced for the size.  I only buy them when I am already on my street and too lazy to walk anywhere else.  Also be careful... the crispy pork fat is sometimes a little harsh on the pearly whites.  Bite down with caution.  I like it in a pinch though!


Flatiron Hall
Definitely doesn't have the amazing crowd atmosphere of its brother, Houston Hall, but I didn't mind taking a load off here after work.  I thought the food had more variety, although I LOVE HH's wings and grilled cheese.  Do not leave here without trying the pastrami Reuben spring rolls and the crispy tater tots with bacon and aged cheddar.  I would've ordered three orders if they weren't so expensive.  I think next time I'll hit the downstairs area which is accessible from the slightly hidden staircase in the back of the restaurant.  Bring a coat though... when I checked it out last time it was FREEZING down there.

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I came here for restaurant week and the three of us ordered a ton of plates so a little hard for me to remember what exactly we had.  However, I do remember the wait staff being above excellent, the food being very tasty and flavorful and the restaurant being pleasing for everything from a girls night out to a romantic date setting to diner with the parents.  One of the better Middle Eastern restaurants I've come across in the city.  I'd come back here!

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Vig Bar
One of my friends is a bartender here so my experience might differ but Vig bar offers everything from a casual hangout spot late on a Sunday to a massive weekend night dance party especially in the backroom.  Great beats!

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