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Monday, October 21, 2013

NYC Blog Post - 10.21.2013 (To Go or Delivery)

In the interest of sticking to themes again this week includes all the awesome places I've been using for takeout and/or delivery.  I've offered up everything from healthy to hungover.


Hummus Pita Co.
One of my go-to options when I get tired of eating at Chelsea Market for lunch.  Hummus Pita Co. offers a ton of different meats, veggies, sauces, etc.  You basically just go in and go crazy!  I eat here constantly and have tried most of the options and they are all equally good.  Perfect lunch option or order takeout for a huge part.  Also makes great leftovers.

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This juice bar just opened a location in Chelsea so it's been my new go-to for lunch.  They have bottled juices (pictured below), smoothies made on site and a couple of boxed lunch options.  I've tried all three categories and everything has been fresh and flavorful.  My only comment would be that it's pretty steep for what you are getting but for a change of pace I don't mind sometimes.

 Photo Credit: Liquiteria Website


This place is my favorite pizza in NYC.  Yes, I said it.  And guess what... they deliver.  The only downside in my book is you can't buy it buy the slice at their locations.  I'd be going out of my way for dinner-on-the-go if I could stop in for a quick bite.  I've had the three pizzas listed below and each is better than the next.  The crust is soft on the inside crisp on the outside, the ratio of tomato sauce to cheese is perfect, the cheese is creamy and soft and melty, and the toppings are always free and plentiful.  Literally LOVE this pizza.  Oh, and the best part?  It's just as good cold the next day for breakfast.
  • Margherita - Tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala, basil, percorino, and olive oil
  • Soppressata Piccante - Tomato sauce, fior di latte, spicy soppressata, chili flakes, garlic, oregano, pecorino and olive oil
  • Brussels Sprout - Fiori di latte, garlic, pecorino, smoked pancetta and olive oil

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When my little bro was in town I had to get him eating all sorts of good takeout.  I walk past Smac to take the F train to work at least once a week and always would pass their little stand at 1st and 1st but it was always in the morning and mac n' cheese was not top of mind.  So when he and I were wandering the East Village looking for a snack we found ourselves in front of their door.  We tried a couple different Mn'Cs and they were all pretty good.  Not the best mac I've ever had in my life but I'd definitely get it again.


Los Perros Locos
Hello scrumptious hotdogs covered in fattening delicious things.  You make me happy when skies are grey... or blue...or sunny...  I keep wanting to try other hot dogs on the list but I just keep finding myself ordering the Mexi-Max over and over again because the combo of Sriracha Pico de Gallo, chipotle kraut, ChipZana sauce, salsa verde, queso cotija and crushed Fritos just can't be beat.  I've even eaten it for breakfast...

Perfect Picnic
This place makes some of the best "baguettini" sandwiches I've ever had.  I can't remember the exact sandwiches we ordered into work but it wouldn't matter anyway since they change the options daily.  You just order a "picnic basket" and it comes with all sorts of different sandwiches to choose from.  I tried four different ones that had everything from goat cheese to duck to chorizo and more and they were all good.  That's enough proof for me.  I'll be begging for this at our next lunch meeting.


Hello hangover, it's time to feed you.  The number one place I crave after a big night out (when I'm not headed straight back out to boozy brunch) is Potbelly.  Their sandwiches are big and greasy and covered in hot peppers (if you don't get hot peppers on your sandwich you are an idiot).  My personal favorite is the Italian which comes with Capicola, Mortadella, Pepperoni, Salami and Provolone Cheese.  Never fails me.  Never. (You should also know I just ordered one while writing this blog)

This is another Midtown lunch time favorite.  I've had both the free range roasted chicken with braised kale, pickled vegetables and spicy aioli on ciabatta and the slow-roasted Berkshire pork with Dijon mustard and bread and butter pickles on ciabatta.  I'd say the pork sandwich is my favorite as all the flavors are well-balanced.  The chicken one comes with a little too much mustard which is overpowering but it's still a great sandwich.  And the bread is super fresh!

Photo Credit: WichCraft Website (Pork sandwich)
Chicken Sandwich


Bantam Bagels
For those of you who have loved doughnut holes throughout life, I have a new spot for you.  Bantam Bagels are essentially bagel "holes" filled with delicious centers of cream cheesiness.  My personal favorites they have right now (the menu changes constantly) are Grandma Jojo (italian spiced bagel with thinly sliced, marinated tomato filled with fresh basil pesto cream cheese) and the The Bleecker Street bagel (Pizza dough bagel topped with a thin slice of pepperoni. Filled with marinara mozzarella cream cheese).  But beware... just because they are small doesn't mean you won't eat 20 in one sitting.  So good!

Photo Credit: Bantam Website