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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekly NYC Blog Post - 10.23.2012


So sorry Hotel Chantelle but we NEEDED to go somewhere new for once.  So we ended up at Von which is a tucked away cocktail bar on Bleecker that immediately made me think of 1920s Sleep No More.  We headed straight down into the bowels of the bar to the lower basement level where we kicked back in barstools and drank copious amounts of red wine while discussing life.  I hear rumors that on a weekend night this place becomes quite the dance party so be prepared for anything.  I absolutely loved it and will be back!


121 Fulton Street
One of my first forays into the FiDi (yeah I try to use annoying monikers whenever possible) was at 121 Fulton Street where I had a delicious meal and a very spicy, nose-clearing cocktail.

Photo Credit: 121 Fulton Street Website

We started with the yellow fin tuna taquitos with mango salsa and red chili vinaigrette.  Not really sure what about them made them taquitos since they look like TACOS to me but whatever.  Unless taquito is spanish for "little taco"....  Anyways they tasted like tuna tartar in a crispy shell -  yummy.

Next up were the buttermilk fried chicken fingers with sweet chili sauce and honey mustard.  I LOVE a good chicken finger and these were SUPER crispy on the outside, not too breaded and filled with canine-rippable meat.  They didn't last long.

And then there were the empanadas with beef, onion and peppers.  I thought these were a little bready and meaty ( empanada) but to each their own.

The mac n cheese was pretty standard.  Nothing to write here.

Lastly, I had the Exchange Margarita with Don Julio Blanco, Cointreau, jalepeƱo, passion fruit, mango puree and lime.  It lit my entire sinus cavity on fire but boy was it good!  Sorry many flavors working together perfectly to make a not to spicy not too sweet not too fruity concoction that you will definitely need to SIP.

I will totally hit this place up again!


There was definitely a period of time where I frequented Brinkleys and South Side but I'd never actually ordered food!  I was pleasantly surprised to find my brussels sprouts and kale salad with cherry tomatoes, red onions, sliced apple, toasted almonds and shaved pecorino romano cheese to be VERY good.  There were plenty of toppings (I love salad with my toppings), the portion was large enough to be a meal on its own, and the flavors balanced each other nicely.  The lettuce was nice and crisp too.  My only thing is that paying $15 for a salad at a bar seems a LITTLE excessive.

 Photo Credit: Brinkley's Facebook Page


Wow.  I have been to so few places where I am SO disappointed in the food.  I came to Schillers for brunch at the behest of my Aussie friends who were in town.  I'd only ever thought of Schillers as a happy hour spot but apparently they are big on brunch?  I don't know if I'm blind or what but I ordered the scrambled eggs and what arrived from the kitchen was a $2 side of eggs (yes they were indeed scrambled) with nary a seasoning in them.  I had also ordered the blood orange mimosa which tasted like nail polish remover.  One of the worst meals I've had in New York.  Not even sure I can stomach coming back just for drinks.  The only good thing I can say is that the waitress was patient and polite and it was easy to get a table (now I know why).

Photo Credit:


First off thanks to our sales team for taking us to such a fancy lunch last week!  Secondly, I've been to STK in Vegas which was a very luxorious, decadent affair so I was excited to see what the New York spot had to offer.  We started with the tuna tartare with soy honey emulsion, avocado and taro chips and it was divine!  The fish was fresh and in bigger pieces which I like and the taro chip was crispy without being too bready.  Also they seasoned the guacamole which added dimension.  I also had the filet which was nice but nothing too exciting and the mac n cheese which I thought was above average but again nothing specific to say about it.



Man either I've become a NYC food snob or I've just had a bad week of restaurants!  I was Halloween costume shopping in Soho and was desperately hungry so my friend and I decided to go to Delicatessen because I'd heard good things.  I started off with a margarita that was HORRIBLE.  Like couldn't even take a sip and then my stomach hurt.  I ordered a beer and left it to die a lonely death.

This made me super apprehensive about the food but the cornbread that came out skillet-hot was warm and crumbly and buttery.  I almost stabbed my friend trying to take down more than my half.  I rounded out the lunch with the The Signature Burger which was a special blend ground beef, crisp pork belly, charred tomato, fried egg and brioche bun lathered with warm “cheese sauce.”  It kind of grossed me out and I love meat.  The pork belly was really fatty, the beef was hard??, and the bun was so "lathered" that everything just fell into pieces in my hands.  In addition to being a pain to eat, the taste didn't merit the effort.  I gave up and ate the fries instead.

Overall not very impressed.  I will not be back.

Photo Credit:


I've been here countless times for "Thai Friday" lunches with my friends but am always so hungry that I gobble down my food before I manage to take a picture.  This time I restrained myself so you could see what Masak Kicap looks like - Cinnamon, turmeric, star anise, ginger, garlic, shallots, onions, bell peppers, sweet peas & tomatoes with sweet soy sauce tossed with chicken and served with your choice of brown or white rice.  You can also choose your meat - I just went chicken this time.  I love this dish because it's spicy and sweet, the chicken is chunky and fresh, and the veggies are soft but still have a little crunch.  It's also the perfect amount of food.  And the atmosphere and service is impeccable and SO friendly.  I love this place!


Brooklyn Bowl
I've heard so many things about this place and my thought has always been "eh bowling."  HOW WRONG WAS I???  This place is like another heaven that I've been missing (on the same level as Standard Biergarten, Frying Pan, etc).  They have music, beer and an 8 piece white fried chicken platter?!?!?!  Why would I EVER leave?  Unfortunately my first experience was tempered by the fact that I was there for a Penguin Prison concert and turns out Penguin Prison wasn't even playing.  WTF.  Granted the other bands were very good and so was my fried chicken and lime/chili grilled corn but come on!  Make sure you don't false advertise people.  I'll definitely be back but I'll be reading the fine print next time.


Nitehawk Cinema
Last but not least, Sunday I went to a showing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes the old-school early '90s slasher flick featuring a young hot Luke Perry and Kristy Swanson's boobs).  I spent the entire movie laughing into my crispy, greasy tater tots.  Yes that's right they serve food and drinks in the movie!  It was a great alternate to drunken Sunday Funday football.  I will definitely be back!