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Monday, August 19, 2013

NYC Weekly Blog Post - 8.19.2013

I must be going through P.Y.W.D. (post Yacht Week depression) because I seem to have only been to dance clubs (and brunches) these past weeks with few exceptions.  I know everyone is supposed to hit up Meatpacking in their early 20s so maybe I'm just "immaturing" with age.  I'd like to think that I'm just catching up.  Had a great time but think I could grow out of it pretty quick.


Went here on a Monday night.  Yup, crazy.  It was packed and I'm still recovering from a torn MCL post-Yacht Week so it was a little too packed for my liking.  I prefer clubs where I'm surrounded but not getting knocked over every two seconds.  I was also coming off an aggressive weekend so I'm sure that played a part.  However, the music was amazing!!!

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7A Cafe
I just realized that I've eaten here plenty of times but for some reason never reviewed it probably because I think of it as an extension of my kitchen as opposed to a restaurant since it's practically next door.  Lots of great things on the menu here and fairly easy to get a seat on the weekends for brunch without a reservation.  You also get a lot of food that is filling and good for cheap.  A great staple.

Photo Credit: 7A Cafe Tumblr

Cafe Cortadito
My new favorite brunch location now that Alias is closed.  It's definitely a drunk brunch though.  I'm almost positive that what I ordered was the Tortilla de Platano con Ropa Vieja which is shredded beef over a sweet plantain omelette but I'm not positive.  It was literally the tastiest thing ever.  Complimented by your pick of blood orange, guava or guanabana mimosas by the pitcher and I was in heaven.  The music is also amazing.  We were dancing it out by the end.  Literally going to have to keep myself from eating here every weekend.

El Camion
Another can't-be-missed brunch!  And one of the cheapest meals I've had in NYC.  My bill WITH tip was $13.00.  I had a bloody mary, a coffee and a meal that was more than filling.  The chicken chilaquiles feature shredded chicken, queso, tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, salsa verde, crema and pico de gallo and are delicious.  You have to eat it quick or the tortilla chips start to get mushy but the chicken was well seasoned and there was a lot of it.  And not too much egg.  It looks small when it arrives but I could barely finish it.  Will definitely be back.

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Had to put this on here because it kind of cracks me up.  I came here with a bunch of friends because they knew the person who'd be DJing later that night.  We arrived at 10pm and it was dead.  We came back at 11:30pm and it was still pretty dead.  I think this was on a Thursday too!  We ended up dancing like idiots and I taught the bartender what a pickleback was but otherwise kind of a strange place.  An interesting night worth noting.  Check it out if you dare lol.

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Preserve 24
Regardless of the food or drinks at this brunch place, you should go just to walk around and take in all the decoration.  It is SO intricately designed that it's fun to wander around.  Luckily the food is also delicious. 

I had the Chorizo Hash with chorizo, cheese polenta, fried eggs, and tomatillo sauce.  My only qualm would be that there wasn't a lot of chorizo, egg or tomatillo!  It was mostly just polenta which was a little disappointing.  Luckily my vegetarian roommate got her bacon on the side so I stole that and broke it on top of my dish which helped a little.  What little was there was good but come guys don't skimp! 

The Baked Smoked Ricotta with olive oil, honey, sea salt and toast was to die for though.  The sea salt added just enough kick to perfectly pair with the honey.  Unfortunately the unlimited sangria was TERRIBLE and they don't offer any of their other drinks for the unlimited price.  Overall kind of expensive since I barely drank...

I'd come back because it's a new restaurant and they are probably still sorting it out but Preserve if you are reading this please fix!

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My roommate was shocked that I hadn't been here before.  Yelp argues this is in the West Village but I feel like it still kind of qualifies as Meatpacking so that's why it's here.  This place is SO cool.  We were there on a weeknight so there was hardly anyone there but they had great drinks and an awesome space.  It's underground so a little hard to find.  The entrance is on W.13th St just east of Ninth Avenue.  Apparently on the weekends this place blows up with DJs and dancing.  Can't wait to go back.

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Another classic Meatpacking club...I felt like I'd been transported to Vegas and just wasn't in the right mood for it.  Would definitely be fun if you hadn't been at PS1 all day!  I also liked it because it's bigger than Avenue so more room to get around and fun platforms for girls to dance on.  And great music as usual.  Not sure the "crowd" is quite my type.  Not very classy but then again... welcome to Meatpacking.  Don't need to go back but glad I got to see it.


STK Rooftop
The scene of the dancing that would lead to my torn MCL.  Embarrassing.  But before that happened I had the best time here.  Granted all of us were in shorts and tank tops so we didn't fit in with the nicely dressed brunch crowd but whatever... we know how to start a party.  The tables were all reserved or stupidly expensive so we just grabbed pitchers of mojitos and danced in the aisle way.  I would totally come back.  A great stop for drinking on a rooftop on a hot NYC summer weekend.

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