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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Not that I should be talking about other travel websites when I'm trying to get you all to look at mine but I figure hey might as well share my competitive research. The Internet is all about sharing right?

So check out where you can plan and book your trip all in one place.

It's all about building your guide by picking a destination, choosing your favorite places, organizing the list and booking any hotels, etc, that are needed and then printing it out as your itinerary.

1) Simply click around and add restaurants, things to do, and more to your list.
2) Go into your "guide" area and select the number of days you will be there.
3) Select a day and drag/drop each item into a slot.
4) Print your guide.

Or if you are lazy you can use someone else's guide! There's also hot deals and the ability to look for flights although it's not very integrated.

I decided to test it out using my Africa itinerary and here are the problems I found:

1) I can't search for a hotel specifically I can only filter the options they provide.
2) You can add things to your guide but once in your guide you can't click on them to learn more.
3) I couldn't figure out how to delete items once I put them in my "guide."
4) You have to sign up for an account to share your trip. Lame.

Nile Guide also just launched an iPhone App where you can access your itinerary from your phone and find things to do based on your location. You can read more about it here.

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  1. Hi Travel-Addict,

    Thanks for taking a look at NileGuide! We really appreciate hearing feedback about our site and are hard at work improving and adding new great travel planning features.

    I wanted to give you some feedback on the issues described in your post:

    1) You can search for a hotel specifically within each destination. At the top right corner of each destination page is a keyword search box.

    2)You can click on the items in your guide to learn more - clicking on the name of the item provides an expanded view, including a description plus details on hours, location, contact info and more.

    3)Items can be removed from your guide by clicking on the mini calendar icon to the right of each item in your guide. From here, a menu gives you the option of deleting the item from your guide or just from the day you've scheduled the item.

    We've got some cool new functionality coming out in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for new features and improvements!