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Friday, September 18, 2009

New York Hotels cont:

STEP TWO: So now that I have my top eight list it's time to narrow them down. They are all in the Mid-Town area but some are in less ideal locations then others. I use Google Maps to plot them based on how close they are to stuff I want to see based on researching each of the areas.

A lot of the hotels I mentioned are near Times Square which upon a closer look is not the ideal area to be staying in. So I've kept some of the old hotels and added some new ones. Here's the updated list.

Holiday Inn Manhattan Downtown - $257
138 Lafayette Street

Radisson Lexington Hotel New York - $252
511 Lexington Ave at 48th St

Wellington Hotel - $279 (On the Macy’s Parade Route)
871 7th Ave

Empire Hotel - $239 (almost on Central Park)
44 W 63rd Street

Intercontinental – The Barclay - $273
111 E 48th St

W New York - $263 (right by the Waldorf)
541 Lexington Avenue

The areas that these are located fit one of the following:

  1. Near Greenwich
  2. Near Soho
  3. On the route of the Macy's Day Parade
  4. Near Central Park
  5. Near northern Park Ave
STEP THREE: From here I would normally go to each of the websites and nitpick the photos of the rooms since that's the most important part of the hotel to me, but my gut says to stay at the W New York for the following reasons:
  1. It is right in the middle of my price range.
  2. I'm going with my mom who is a Starwood Member so we may get upgraded or else at least she'll get points.
  3. It's in the sweet spot of the shopping which will be one of our main activities.
  4. It's near almost all the other things I want to see.
  5. It had good reviews on Trip Advisor and good reviews from people I know who have been to New York.

STEP FOUR: Time to book my hotel and then move on to planning my itinerary for the 3.5 days I'll be there!

W New York

541 Lexington Avenue
$263 per night

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