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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KOOZA: Cirque Du Soleil

So I went to KOOZA at the Santa Monica Pier the other week. It was fabulous! I haven't been to Cirque du Soliel in over ten years since the tent came to Portland back in highschool. The show featured silly clowns, tight-rope bicyclists, a man jump-roping on a wheel 25 feet in the air and contortionists who were eerily reminiscent of the girl from the Grudge. It's also the first show that features the Wheel of Death, which is by far the most daring feat of the show.

The first half of the show has a lighter air with colorful costumes while the second half is more daring with somewhat menacing costumes. The storyline is about a little boy who receives a box. When he opens it a circus comes out. The storyline is what inspired the name KOOZA, which comes from the Sanskrit word “koza" meaning “chest” or “treasure.”

The tent is definitely the way to see the show with every seat in the house being a good seat. The characters include audience members in scenes, spray you with popcorn and at one point fire cannons filled with confetti. You feel less like you are watching the show and more like a participant. It's defintiely a show worth seeing even for the price tag of $80-$135 a seat.

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