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Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Announcement...Three Month Summer Europe Trip!

First off I'd like to say that I'm sorry for neglecting you these past few months but it was because I was working on a big announcement that I can finally share! I have been planning a three month trip backpacking through Europe. Yup, I am officially quitting my job, dumping all my crap at the parents' place and hightailing my way around the globe. And yes, for all of you, I will be blogging about my experience all along the way! So, to whet your appetite here is the itinerary!

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6/15/2011 Leave the US
6/16/2011 Cinque Terra, Italy
6/17/2011 Cinque Terra, Italy
6/18/2011 Cinque Terra, Italy
6/19/2011 Cinque Terra, Italy
6/20/2011 Istanbul, Turkey
6/21/2011 Istanbul, Turkey
6/22/2011 Istanbul, Turkey
6/23/2011 Istanbul, Turkey
6/24/2011 Istanbul, Turkey
6/25/2011 Cappadocia, Turkey
6/26/2011 Cappadocia, Turkey
6/27/2011 Cappadocia, Turkey
6/28/2011 Pamukkale, Turkey
6/29/2011 Pamukkale, Turkey
6/30/2011 Istanbul, Turkey
7/1/2011 Athens, Greece
7/2/2011 Athens, Greece
7/3/2011 Athens, Greece
7/4/2011 Santorini, Greece
7/5/2011 Santorini, Greece
7/6/2011 Santorini, Greece
7/7/2011 Crete, Greece
7/8/2011 Crete, Greece
7/9/2011 Crete, Greece
7/10/2011 Crete, Greece
7/11/2011Athens, Greece
7/12/2011 Madrid, Spain
7/13/2011 Madrid, Spain
7/14/2011 Madrid, Spain
7/15/2011 Madrid, Spain
7/16/2011 Marrakech, Morocco
7/17/2011 Sahara Desert
7/18/2011 Sahara Desert
7/19/2011 Marrakech, Morocco
7/20/2011 Marrakech, Morocco
7/21/2011 Lisbon, Portugal
7/22/2011 Lagos, Portugal
7/23/2011 Lagos, Portugal
7/24/2011 Lisbon, Portugal
7/25/2011 Lisbon, Portugal
7/26/2011 Lisbon, Portugal
7/27/2011 Sevilla, Spain
7/28/2011 Marbella, Spain
7/29/2011 Marbella, Spain
7/30/2011 Sevilla, Spain
7/31/2011 Sevilla, Spain
8/1/2011 Granada, Spain
8/2/2011 Granada, Spain
8/3/2011 Barcelona, Spain
8/5/2011 Barcelona, Spain
8/6/2011 Ibiza, Spain
8/7/2011 Ibiza, Spain
8/8/2011 Ibiza, Spain
8/9/2011 Ibiza, Spain
8/10/2011 Munich, Germany
8/11/2011 Munich, Germany
8/12/2011 Munich, Germany
8/13/2011 Rothenburg, Germany
8/14/2011 Colmberg, Germany
8/15/2011 Frankfurt, Germany

And that's as far as I've gotten! I have about a week left to travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam which is where I fly out of on 8/24. I'm extremely excited and will be sure to keep you abreast of everything going on moving forward. Please share your comments on the Facebook page if you've been to any of these places and tell me what I should do!

Look forward to hearing from me in the weeks to come.

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  1. sounds like an awesome plan! how much is your budget for the whole trip?