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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bienvenue Montreal, Canada!

Oh yeah!  Ticker just went up to TWO East Coast cities (yes I know this one is in Canada but I'm still counting it).  I spent three amazing days in Montreal, Canada, attending the annual Osheaga music festival.  I saw a bunch of my favorite acts including Of Monsters and Men, Passion Pit, The Shins, M83, Florence and the Machine, Fun, Bombay Bicycle Club, MGMT, and the Arkells.  Top moments include everyone chanting Carried Away in unison, singing to the Shins as it poured down rain on everyone, and yelling "beer than techno tent" with a bunch of boys from Brooklyn.  Pretty sure it changed my life.

The festival didn't start until about 1pm each day and most days the bands we liked didn't play until 2 or 3pm so we spent each morning seeing as much of Montreal as possible.  It's an adorable city that is fairly walkable and for the long distances they have a metro although it isn't as extensive as NYC or London.  However, they have this awesome bike program called the Bixi Bike Pass where you pay an annual fee and you can pick up a bike from a bunch of different locations and then drop it off at a different location in the city.  That's apparently how the locals do it.  Too bad I am terrible at riding bikes.  We walked.

The first morning (after we'd slept off the overnight Greyhound bus ride from NYC), my friend took us to Beauty's, a famous Jewish deli in the Mont-Royal district that's been around since 1942.  They are famous for their milkshakes and their "mish mash" dish which is sausage, peppers, cheese and more in an omelet.  The best part is that your average omelet in my opinion has too much egg.  This was mostly "toppings" - YUM!

I also tried a "famous" Montreal bagel which sadly didn't impress me at all.  They aren't as soft as a NYC bagel and they aren't as flavorful as my still favorite, the Portland Maine Scratch bagel.

Lastly, I got a few good gulps of the blueberry milkshake which was SO good.  Nice and thick without tasting too milky.

The best part is that the owner, who I feel like is as old as the restaurant, greets and seats you.  He was pretty cute.  And ancient.  I highly recommend trying this place out on your trip to Montreal although now that I've been there I probably don't need to go back.


Post concert we were STARVING so we hit up M4 Burrito which is like Canadian Chipotle.  I can't even remember the nine million things I put in my burrito but it was soooooooo good.  Great late night spot.  Much recommended.

The next day we were less than impressed with the festival line-up so this time we had lunch instead of brunch.  We went to O Burger because I was craving some hamburger and apparently it's the best!  I ordered the Dallas which has monterey jack cheese, crispy bacon, glazed onions and creole dijon sauce. It was juicy deliciousness paired with a little sweet from the onions, a little bite from the dijon and a little crunch from the bacon.  Mmmm.  I washed it down with their rose sangria which was refreshing, light and filled with fruit!  Lastly, for those vegetarians out there this was a GREAT menu for you - lots of options for a burger place.  My roommate (a veggie) was very impressed.

After spending a few afternoon hours at the festival to see some smaller bands we left early (again the evening line up Saturday wasn't great) to go to the concert on a boat that we had booked.  Turns out we were all too exhausted to dance on a boat until 6am so we scalped our tickets down at the Old Port.  Old Port was so beautiful we decided to wander around for a bit and by the time we'd taken down some ice cream we were feeling a lot better and decided to get a beer at Les Deux Pierrots. Turns out this place is AWESOME!  There was a live band playing what clearly appeared to be the type of French songs you'd sing at French karaoke because the Canadians were going nuts.  Then at some point they switched to American classic rock favorites and we hit the dance floor.  We accidentally stayed there until REALLY late because we were having so much fun.  So much for being tired!


Boy today it was difficult to get moving but the amazing line-up at Osheaga pressed us onward.  We started today with a walk to Cafe Santropol for lunch.  This might be the most adorable cafe I have ever seen.  It was like Snow White meets Willy Wonka meets The Secret Garden!  It took a little while to get seating but there were five of us.  I obviously had to go with the Santropol sandwich which was sliced roast beef on blue cheese and cream cheese spread between two GIANT slices of pumpernickel bread.  If I wasn't in such a state at this point it would've been delicious.  The few bites I had WERE delicious.  But then I succumbed to just eating the fluffy cloud-like bread which is what Heaven must taste like.  I would totally come back here!!


Overall my assessment of Osheaga is that it is the best music festival I have ever been to (yes better than Coachella or ACL).  My assessment of Montreal is that the bagels could be missed but not the city in general.  I will 100% be back to investigate more of this city and to eat at Chuck Hughes restaurant - was pissed I didn't make it there.  In other news, pretty sure TOMS shoes are cheaper there.  I now own a pair.


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