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Monday, July 1, 2013

My Peruvian Adventure - Lima, Peru

The final chapter of my Peruvian adventure takes us from Cusco to Lima.  We arrived early in the morning and left later that night so it's a quick entry but not sure that Lima needed more than that...

Saturday, June 1, 2013
Upon arrival we dropped our bags at Teach and IHeartCanada's hotel (they'd be staying in Lima for 2-3 days) and we headed straight for the beach.  The lady at the hotel told us you can't get down to the beach without taking a taxi but this is NOT true.  If you walk along the coast you will eventually come to a bridge.  Instead of crossing the bridge walk inland and you will see stairs leading down to the beach.  It was about a 25 minute walk.  You'll pass El Beso which is the "Love park."  There are couples hanging out there and mosaics with poetry that are inspired by Antonio Gaudi.

We were starving since we hadn't eaten yet and everyone told us to go to Rosa Nautica on pier so we obeyed.  From the looks of it, it's either pretty touristy or the place that everyone in Lima goes for special occasions.  I could see this being the GO TO for wedding receptions in Lima.  To get there from the staircase you have to pass a ton of surf groups looking for easy prey.  I think I heard "sweetie, free surf lession" about 17 times in the 17 seconds it took me to walk by.  To be clear I didn't feel harassed (it wasn't mean spirited) just be prepared!


Lunch was delicious.  We ordered an array of ceviches which is "the thing to get" in Lima.  And it's a fair assessment.  They were fresh, spicy and delicious!

We digested while lying on the beach and attempting to get a sun tan although it was a little cloudy.  There isn't much of a beach and it's all large stones so don't expect too much.  It was approaching 5pm so we gathered our things to meet Teach and IHeartCanada for drinks and dinner before our return to the airport.

Turns out that they'd been in contact with Spider-Man who was also in Lima for the night so we all met up at the infamous "Lima Mall" for drinks.  Lil Sass and Teach ordered chincha which was not at all like the stuff we had on the trail.  This time it was thick and syrupy and tasted like terrible cough medicine.  Gross.  My Algarrobina was super tasty!

Spider-Man had to meet up with Fuzz and Fuddle for dinner so the rest of us went hunting for quick, cheap dinner since Lil Sass and I were running out of soles and didn't want to take out more money.  You'd think I'd have to compromise on food but we ended up at this little middle eastern place called Ali Baba Shawarma that was cozy and the shawarma wrap was mouth-watering!  A perfect ending to the trip.  I slept like a baby all the way home.  Overall, Lima was fun to spend the day in but I wouldn't need anymore time here.

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