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Monday, July 29, 2013

Return to Split, Croatia

It's been a year of repeats, Australia, Peru, Croatia, and it's taught me something.  Returning to a foreign place makes you feel like a local.  You know where to eat, you know the people, you know where you are going.  I like it.  This time it was Split, Croatia, that I returned to for two days before my infamous Yacht Week adventure with my buddies: Judith, JagerMan, and Crispy.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

We arrived on the Fourth of July after a very long journey from JFK to Munich to Split.  At least Munich had a beer garden in the airport.  We checked into our Apartman (yup no "e" no "t") which was much nicer and larger than I'd expected!  It was going to be very difficult to find though... we wandered up and down a lot of windy streets to get there.  The only other annoyance was one key between four people.  After dropping our stuff, we immediately changed into our aggressively patriotic ensembles to celebrate our country's independence.  Imagine that walking down the streets of cozy, laidback Split.


As the resident expert on Split, I recommended the restaurant (which was still just as good as I'd remembered) and got almost everyone to order the rumpsteak.  And then I took them to Charlie's Bar... the site of the infamous Lil Sass shirt switch.
 Photo Credit: Split Hostel Website

Within 15 minutes we had everyone chanting "USA! USA! USA!"  I immediately confiscated a sparkly USA flag vest from one guy who looked suspiciously like Ryan Reynolds and Crispy gifted her headband to another guy after ripping all the buttons off his shirt (this is how you know she likes you).


He would become our fifth roommate for the next two days and was adoringly labeled "Ostreicher" after the character from American Pie.  This was just my luck considering Crispy and I were sharing a room (JagerMan and Judith were sharing the other) and right before going out I'd said, "If your roommate needs the room you sleep on the couch!"  So I slept on the couch and woke up to Judith's head nestled right by my butt.  Love these people.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Toast and two Cokes into breakfast I was feeling much better.  Brunch would mark the beginning of "Yeah, yeah," the phrase that would later sweep through all of Yacht Week and eventually make it's way back to New York.  Judith and Crispy had somehow created this term while twerking to a Lil Wayne song.

Again as the Split expert I led the ratpack to my favorite beach area in Split so that we could get rid of our NewYorkVampire look before Yacht Week the next day.  Bacvice Beach is not really a beach per se.  It's more of a man made pool made from ocean.  And it comes with lots of beers.  Crispy and I got to test out our lilos (water inflatables) which turns out... are awesome.  Keeps you floating AND cool.  Genius.


After about an hour we looked starboard and low and behold Ostreicher appeared on the horizon along with none other than Ryan Reynolds Sparkle Vest!  Turns out that we had just somehow lost Ryan Reynolds the night before which is why we'd never realized they were friends (but no worries we made him the sixth roommate).  We spent the remainder of the afternoon drinking beers and making memories.  For those who were there I leave you with a few inside jokes for prosterity.

- The Waterboarding Vine
- The Maybe Gays
- Floating Woohoos
- Jenny Herpes
- Baked Beans
- Wee Wee Sharm Sharm

While at the beach, Ostreicher graciously offered to cook us dinner (he is a budding chef).  In exchange we just had to get the drinks.  Crispy was on me like a hawk to make sure I didn't add any snacks to the cart.  "No SNICKERS!!!!"  Luckily I got one in while she wasn't looking.  Mmm it was tasty.  On the way back I managed to get us all lost while carrying a ton of drinks so by the time we got home we barely had time to shower before Os and Ryan Reynolds showed up for dinner.

Dinner was delicious and quickly deteriorated into a close game of Never Have I Ever (because we are juveniles).  Reynolds and I managed to go out at the same time for the same thing.  #FITB

From there we ended up BACK at Charlie's Bar and then onward late night to Caffe Bar Inbox where I lasted about twenty minutes.

Photo Credit: Inbox Website

 More good inside jokes:

- Stand at Attention
- Moon Walking
- The Bed Squatter
- Hooker Graveyard
- The Goat Cheese Nose

Man, Yacht Week hasn't even started...

(check back for that blog later this week)

Some photos have been stolen from my last trip to Split since I didn't take a lot of scenic photos this time around.  For more touristy information on Split I recommend reading that blog post -"

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