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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NYC Blog Post - 10.16.2013 (Awesome Asian Food)

This post is all about the recent obsession I've been having with Asian cuisine.  There's been some "hits" and some "misses."


Hanjoo Korean
Happened along this hole-in-the-wall looking for cheap food in my neighborhood.  Very impressed.  I ordered the Yuk-Gae-Jang (shredded beef, mushroom, and scallions in spicy beef soup) and the Gopdol Bibimbap (assorted vegetables and fried egg over rice with red chilli sauce in a hot stoned pot) with pork.  Both arrived really hot and steamy and were filled with beef and pork.  Split across two people it was plenty of food.  I would totally come back here.

Photo Credit: Hanjoo Korean Website


Jin Sushi
Was yet again craving sushi the other night and had a coffee date across the street from this place.  My coffee date told me the sushi here was good so I decided to test it out.  I wasn't hugely impressed although it was by no means a bad meal.  It just didn't impress me.  The service was also pretty lax. 

Photo Credit: Jin Sushi


Amaze Asian Fusion
After an amazing work day playing with puppies volunteering, my famished coworkers and I stopped by Amaze from some afternoon cocktails and appetizers.  My top favorites were (in same order as the pictures below):
  • Bangkok Duck Wrapped Lettuce - delicious!  The lettuce was very crispy, the peppers were just a little hot and very fresh and the duck had a great sauce that it'd been cooked in.  I tried to steal a whole plate of this to myself.
  • Gyoza Pork Dumplings - so juicy on the inside and very hot so be careful when you bite!
  • Bacon Wrapped Pineapple - Sounds better than it was but I'm also not a huge fan of pineapple.  I'm giving it an A for creativity though.
Don't need to go back but the service was great and it was perfect for the occasion.

Photo Credit: Amaze Website


I went here for a work lunch and was told to order the Negi Toro Spicy Garlic Roll (mashed toro with scallion, topped with spicy mayo sauce and garlic chips).  I also ordered an assortment of handrolls and sushi.  Overall I was very impressed.  I actually think it could've been even more garlicky.  I would totally come back here.  The service was also excellent.  Beware that unless you are a regular you may want to snag a reservation if you are coming here for lunch.  Great place to bring clients.

Photo Credit: Andrew D. on

Sushi Zen
I know apparently I love places that are down the street from each other that rhyme!  While it looks like an accident this is actually a different restaurant than Sushiden but equally delicious.  The presentation of the food here is especially beautiful (working in the food industry I notice things like this).  We started with the Seared Tuna appetizer which was light and lovely and then I ordered the "Special Sushi" lunch item which includes two tuna, one white fish, one salmon, one Spanish mackerel, one eel, one shrimp, one seasonal and then an egg roll.  They switched out my shrimp for a yellowtail since I was allergic.  All very tasty.  I'd come here again too although I'd order less.  They had to cart me out of there!

Photo Credit:


A group of my friends hit this place up and forced me to come meet up.  Normally you can't get me to Tribeca unless it's brunch on a weekend but when I heard "free meal on work" I couldn't say "no."  This place is way cool.  It looks like an American pub and serves lots of cool beers but the food is Asian.  They are especially well known for their ramen.  I. love. ramen.

I ordered the "Tonkotsu" which is noodle soup with chasu (pork jowl), kikurage, menma (bamboo shoots), pickled ginger, sesame, and scallions.  I also added a slow poached egg because "hey why not?"  I had them hold the kikurage because I hate mushrooms.

This was one of the best ramen bowls I have ever had.  I literally drained the bowl which I never manage to do with ramen because it's always so much food.  This night I had no problem... literally couldn't stop.  I would've ordered more noodles to add to the remaining broth if I'd had room in my stomach.  The service was awesome, the atmosphere is laid-back and really cool.  I will definitely be back.  This would be a great date spot as well as birthday dinner or just a spot to chill with a bunch of friends.

Photo Credit:  David N. on


Noodle Bar
After a luxurious pedicure date with another friend (man I've been on a lot of lady dates lately) we were starving but too lazy for a sit-down dinner.  So she recommended picking something up from Noodle Bar.  We called ahead on our walk over and it was ready when we arrived 15-20 minutes later.  Great service!  They even gave her extra bok choy upon request.  I then walked all the way back to the East Village (we went to the West Village location) and sat down to eat my noodles on my couch and they were still warm!  Yeah!  I'd ordered the Soto Ayam.  The noodles were extra thick which I really liked.  The soup was slightly too salty but overall I was impressed.  I would order from here again.

Photo Credit: Noodle Bar Website

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