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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NYC Blog Post - 7.2.2014

The remainder of restaurants and bars I've been to recently!


Bowery Electric
Man I've heard about this place for ages and I'm not sure why it wasn't closer to the top of my list.  I just randomly ended up here and had a GREAT time.  What a dance party!  As I write this I realize I want to go back!  Definitely fun for a birthday group looking for fun.  Warning of a fairly young crowd though.

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I went here the other night and I've officially found my new favorite pizza in New York City.  There were three of us and we had a large El Greco with artichoke hearts/Parma pizza, a bottle of wine and the goat cheese and caramelized onion crostini appetizer.  And then ordered another small Giardino pizza because this pizza is like crack.  Not only is it delicious it's CHEAP - the bill came to $100 total!  And it's conveniently located down the street from me.  Looks like I have a new best friend.  Please try it out.  If they go out of business I'll cry.



Bleecker Kitchen and Co (and Sweetwater Social Club)
I met up with a friend at Bleecker Kitchen for a long awaited dinner.  The place is very cute and the food was great.  I had the seared salmon with crispy skin, green beans and cipollini onion.  The sauce was light but tangy, the fish was nicely cooked and the green beans were crisp!  I would highly recommend this place.  And for those looking for after dinner entertainment just head downstairs to SSC for some shuffleboard and fancy drinks.  I wasn't a huge fan of the cocktails (too much sugar and fruit in them) but the beer selection isn't bad.  It can get a little hot down there but I'd still recommend for a more laid-back night out with friends.

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Henry at the Hudson Hotel 
I rarely go to hotel bars because I think they are kind of snooty but my friend had a round of free drinks there so I came along.  The Hudson Hotel is gorgeous with a beautiful outdoor patio area and the Henry bar inside is also lovely.  The clientele were snooty just like expected and the drinks were crazy expensive although very good.  Can't say I'd go back but if you are looking for a nice place to take clients for drinks in Midtown I'd definitely recommend.

Photo Credit: Henry Website


Very cool little speakeasy in the LES that I happened upon one night was a girlfriend.  Sort of your standard issue speakeasy with a mixologist who takes your liquor of choice and thinks up a drink that costs you about $12-18.  Very low key and they keep it from getting crowded.  Kind of like a hipster Death n Co.  I'd come back if I was in the area...but don't bring too many people or you won't get in.

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Hill and Dale
I forget why I ended up at this bar because it's in a random area but I may have just been on the lookout for a new cocktail place.  I LOVE this bar.  I find myself returning here whenever I'm in the area.  I love the drinks and the music and there is never a line at the door it just depends on the clientele since it's different every time I come here.  But highly recommend and easy to get guys or large groups in which is always nice for birthdays or when people are in town.

Photo Credit: Hill and Dale Website

Last time I was here I was wearing a dirndl for absolutely no reason other then this place serves German food.  It was a huge splash except that everyone thought I worked there!  Their outdoor patio is SO nice although it can get a little hot!  Great for brunch because you can pack a lot of people onto a picnic table but be prepared for heavy German food and beer... you'll need someone to roll you out of here.

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People's Lounge
A random bar where I met up with friends on a random Saturday night.  Definitely a good time especially the bar upstairs.  Nothing particularly special but I enjoyed myself.  A good option if you are in the area and have a large crew.  Again a relatively young crowd.

Photo Credit: People's Website

Pig and Khao
One of my favorite brunch partners suggested that we hit up this LES gem the other weekend.  It can now be considered my new favorite brunch location next to Cafe Cortadito.  In addition to unbelievable food (tasty and inventive) you can also do $15 bottomless, serve-yourself PBR keg or bottomless mimosas (orange, mango, watermelon, lychee).  In case you read that too fast YOU CAN SERVE YOURSELF FROM THE KEG AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

There were four of us and we ordered family style (only way to do it because the plates are sizable).  We got the sizzling corned beef hash and grilled pork jowl which I thought were the two best.  We also got the shan noodles and khao soi which were also delicious I think I just wasn't in the mood for hot noodles on a hot day.

Now if only they would open for lunch!!!! 

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One of my coworker's favorite dance parties, I finally made it to 675 a month or two ago and had a great time.  Open late and poppin' until the wee hours we started quite the dance party.  I have been back since to a more laidback experience so I think it can be hit or miss.  But when it's hitting it's a DAMN good time.  It's in a basement that is decorated almost like an underground hunting lodge.  Hard to describe...  you'll have to see it for yourself.

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One of the many heralded boozy brunches of the famous Meatpacking District, I came to Bagatelle for my coworker's birthday.  It was a huge pain to get a reservation and your entire must be there or they give away the table.  I managed to be 14 minutes late thus avoiding ruining the birthday by ONE minute.  That's so silly.  It then turned out that a 1pm brunch is way too early as the really party starts closer to 3pm.  So we were finishing up and getting kicked out right around the time it got good.  At least my braised beef short rib croissant was tasty and surprisingly filling and the DJ was awesome (I'm now following him on Soundcloud).  The mimosas were yummy too.  I also was not terribly impressed with the clientele who looked like they were all 45+ WASPs.  As six twentysomething girls we felt oddly out of place.  We "bounced" to Bounce and had a far better time.  I don't think I need to come back. 

Photo Credit:  Bagatelle Website


La Esquina
Of all the restaurants and bars in NYC, La Esquina is the one that I've been waiting the longest to get to.  I have no idea why it's taken me so long but I finally made it there on Friday night.  The place is SO cool.  I could spend hours inside.  I provided a photo of the outside since we walked past it a couple times unsure that this was it since there isn't really a sign.  You'll need a reservation if you want a sit down dinner but if there are just 2-3 of  you I recommend just asking to sit at the downstairs bar.  You can eat and drink there just as easily and not wait.  Otherwise you will be SOOL.

We shared the Ceviche Blanco which was Red Snapper, Avocado, Orange and Lime Juice with Serrano Pepper, the Queso Fundido with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Chile de Arbol and Plantain Chips and the Costillas de Puerco (Charred Chipotle Guava Glazed Pork Rib).  The ceviche was a generous portion and very fresh which impressed me, the queso had a little pepper spice to it and I love plantain chips and the pork ribs literally fell off the bone.  I thought they were all great dishes although maybe a little light on flavor.  I had the spicy margarita which also felt a little short on flavor (kind of watery).  So overall I love the place just not sure it has the best food and drink.  I'd eat at Los Feliz over this place.

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This place was recommended to me by a top notch chef (his friend works there) and most of my coworkers confirmed that this place was awesome so I had to try it.  You definitely want to make a reservation since it's still relatively new and very popular.  The head chef was so cool and came and chatted with us for a bit and gave us free shots.  I had some food jealousy because I ordered the salmon, which was delicious, but the duck waffle is definitely the dish to order.  I got a little taste and was pissed I didn't order it!  The wings are also amazing as are the cocktails.  It just has a really friendly atmosphere and would be perfect for anything from a date to a family dinner to a birthday.  I'll be back.

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Dig Inn Seasonal Market
I'm always on the lookout for flavorful, delicious, HEALTHY options for lunch and my friend introduced me to Dig Inn as the perfect option.  You basically can choose from a bunch of delicious veggies, meats, etc that they put in a bowl for you.  It was A LOT of food so I was even able to take some home with me for an extra meal!  I definitely want to come back next time I'm near Union Square for lunch.

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Again I find it hard to find really good food in Union Square especially for lunch, so I was pleased to be introduced to Republic as another great option.  It's all about noodles!  There are tons of options, it's not too expensive, and they have great non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks.  You do share tables so not sure this is the right place for a client lunch or a date but a great place to meet up with friends for lunch.

Photo Credit: Republic Website


Aria Wine Bar
Another place that I'm not sure how I found or came across but I loved it!  I had a couple appetizers that were very good and the wine is lovely as well.  Maybe slightly on the expensive side for the portion size but it has a lovely ambiance.  It's perfect for a second date or a catch up with a friend.  Probably a little more difficult for a larger group since I'm not sure they take reservations and it's a small place but I would definitely like to try it out again.

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