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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Livin' like a Wynn'er

I have finally arrived home from yet another crazy weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. We booked two nights at the new Wynn casino, Encore, which is an AMAZING hotel. A little known secret... if you book with Southwest Vacations (i.e. book hotel and flight together) you get a cheaper rate AND they will upgrade your room to a suite (if available). They don't actually tell you this, you just randomly show up at the reservation desk and, voila, a sick view and a huge room.

Day One:

After getting in Friday, we head straight for the Encore club, XS. This club is currently the hottest club in Vegas and thanks to some finessed name-dropping we went straight to the front of the line. The boys still had to pay cover but at least we weren't going to stand outside all night (I've never seen the line so long!)

For those of you who haven't been to XS yet, it is everything you could ever want in a Vegas club. It has a centrally located dance floor to ensure that all the bloodthirsty guys sitting at the tables have a full view of choice meat, multiple fully-functioning bars, and a relatively short line for the girls' bathroom. But the best part? The club opens out into the daytime pool area complete with "cabana tables" that you can purchase for less than the ones indoors. If you are lucky you can usually just chill in one until someone comes along and kicks you out.

And the final kicker? You can play Blackjack INSIDE the club at the cabana out by the pool. In five minutes we hit three Blackjacks resulting in the minimum being pushed from $25 to $100. We walked away with $250 profit - I love Vegas.

Our night ended with one of the group passing out on the bathroom floor, another almost getting kicked out of the club, and a third spilling his entire drink down the front of a guy three times his size (whoops). Thankfully we all made it out alive.

Day Two:

Fast forward a couple hours when I woke up feeling relatively refreshed and ready to begin the day off with a giant pool-side daiquiri. We decided to go to the pool at the Wynn as opposed to Encore because there are more chairs, so the odds of getting one at 11am is higher. This also brings to mind another highlight of the Encore casino. As the more exclusive of the two you get special privileges like using your room key to get into either pool and charge to your room from either building. It makes life sooo much easier!

Upon arriving at the Wynn pool, we attempted to jank some of the "reserved" chairs. We made it about an hour before one of the attendants told us we had to pay. Being normal, cheap-skate girls we haggled him down from $400 to $300 for one of the daybeds (can fit four people) and four chairs. There were 8 of us, so for guaranteed chairs next to each other plus free water and Gatorade we only had to shell out 30 bucks each - totally worth it. Three daiquiris, 98 degree weather and lots of topless women later I passed out face first into bed for a 30 minute nap before our dinner reservation.

For dinner we went to Encore's premier steak and seafood restaurant, Switch. Aptly named since while dining the decor of the restaurant changes. There are three different looks that involve changes to the ceiling and the walls. It's also accompanied by mysterious music and lighting.

The food itself was incredible. I had the lamb chops served in a cherry, onion, red pepper sauce with Yukon gold mashed potatoes. My boyfriend rocked the 12oz filet sans sauce which it didn't even need. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the extensive wine list seeing as how I was downing ice water as fast as possible to counter my growing mid-evening hangover.

The next few hours were spent playing BlackJack and Roulette - I made about $16 - not great. We then began another round of prepartying in our room while watching my favorite Pixar classic, Nemo. I forgot how great that movie is! From there we migrated to the Wynn to meet up with friends and found ourselves taking ridiculous pictures.

On to Tryst where yet again our name-dropping got us in the door without the line. The place was packed with people! I seriously have never seen so many people in a Vegas nightclub on a non-fight weekend. Many Jagerbombs later we were dancing shoeless in the middle of the club around a growing pile of purses and shoes.

Around 3am, we had the bright idea to head to, yes, the Rhino. For those of you who aren't slutty guys it's a stripclub. The last time I went to a Rhino stripclub was in downtown L.A. I found myself surrounded by dirty old men watching fat girls trying to climb poles. And I was relatively sober. So, I was pretty prejudiced against these types of places when we piled into the free limo that would take us there.

Who knew stripclubs could be so FUN!?? We had front row seats and the strippers were really nice? I guess that's their job right? In addition (for all you boys reading this), the strippers were very good-looking should you ever find yourself looking for a late night activity. I was thoroughly entertained. In fact they literally had to drag me from the place around 4am.

Luckily I was appeased with a McDonald's hotcake breakfast... three steaming hotcakes that somewhat masked the smell of stripper smoke wafting around me. Unfortunately, I only made it through two before I found myself passing out in a sitting position. I guess at 6am it was time to call it a night.

Thank you, Vegas for yet another unbelievable trip!

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