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Friday, August 7, 2009

Wine Tasting in Budapest


I am thinking of traveling to Budapest next May to taste wine. Is that a good time if year to visit and how long should I plan to stay to see the best of the city?


Budapest is generally a great place to travel regardless of the time of year as even in winter the Christmas markets are amazing. I went in August and it was warm, but not too hot which was ideal for going to the baths, which Budapest is famous for. May is traditionally the best month to go although it is the most touristy time (not that Budapest is ever really overrun with tourists).

My suggestion would be to stay at the Art O'tel right near the river. It is close to the action and is reasonably priced for what you get. The breakfast is delicious and included.

In order to see all the sights of Budapest in a leisurely amount of time I suggest staying in the city area for 3-4 days, however if you are adding in wine tasting you should probably tack on a day or two.

Be sure to try Kekfrankos wine, which is famous in that region. In terms of dining the Hungarian Grey Cattle goes down well with a nice Cab. The most delicious restaurant, Kasca, is located on Kasca Street a few blocks down from the hotel. It is very romantic!

For more information on wine-tasting in the area here is a link you can check out:

For more information about Budapest in general visit the Hungary section of my website:

Happy Travels!

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