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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Getaway


I'm thinking of surprising my boyfriend with a trip to Vegas for his birthday in October so I wanted to ask you if you had any hotel recommendations? I've only been twice and stayed at the Venetian both times. Circus, Circus and Excalibur seemed to have some decent prices but not sure about the quality.



Vegas is one of my favorite places on Earth so this should be easy. My top hotels are definitely Encore and the Palms. Encore probably tops the list because it's still a new hotel so you can get cheaper prices there then the Wynn but have the same luxury. By staying at the Encore you have access to all of Wynn's amenities including their amazing pool. Encore's club, XS, is also, in my opinion, the best club on the strip with Wynn's Tryst a close second. There is an indoor area for dancing and then you can out into the outer area where there is a pool and blackjack tables. You can read a little more about Encore in my recent blog.

Flaming bottles at Tryst

The other hotel I love is The Palms. It comes in second because it is off the strip but it has a great, young-person atmosphere and by staying there you receive free passes to all their clubs so you don't have to wait in line or pay (this is very unique). The gambling floor has lower limits too which is helpful if you aren't willing to sit at a $25 minimum table which some of the other hotels start at.

The nightclubs here are also awesome: Moon, Rain, and the Playboy Bunny Lounge. Moon is really cool with a ceiling that opens to the sky and Rain has a great dance floor featuring spouts of flame every so often.


Both these hotels can be a little spendy at around $250 a night at times. If you are looking for slightly less expensive I like both Paris Paris and the Mirage. The people there are friendly and they are in the center of the best part of the strip so you have easy access to shops, restaurants, and clubs at some of the other casinos. The rooms are nice but not ritzy. Neither of these two have great nightlife in my opinion but Caesar's Pure nightclub is nearby and fantastic and you can always take a taxi.

If you are looking for good restaurants my favorites are: Switch at Encore, Alize in the Palms, Sushi Roku at Caesars, and Stack at the Mirage. Switch is steak and seafood, Alize is Italian, Sushi Roku (duh) and Stack is gourmet comfort food (ie tasty pigs in a blanket). They all have amazing atmospheres, are very romantic, and great for a birthday.

Sushi Roku

You should also check some of the hotels' websites for the weekend you decide on because there are always great concerts playing, shows to see, and more. Random things you should do: eat crepes at the Jean-Philippe Patisserie and watch the water show at the Bellagio and shop at Caesars.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie

Since you are traveling in October that will also provide lower prices because it isn't high season. The one thing you will want to do is pick your ideal weekend and then check the weekends before and after. If there is a fight in Vegas prices will skyrocket so you want to avoid that.

Hope that helps! Viva Las Vegas!

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