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Thursday, October 15, 2009

L.A. Restaurant Week: Date Night at Anisette Brassiere

Over the weekend, we had date night at Anisette Brassiere near the Santa Monica promenade - yet another L.A. Restaurant Week location. It too is a $$ restaurant, so dinner was around $34. The restaurant was so cute with old-fashioned lighting and romantic little booths to sit in. It was all very French.

Our waiter was a little dorky though and would leave us for hours at a time which was annoying. From the Restaurant Week menu I ordered the Petite Onion Soup Gratinée, Poulet Roti, and Profiteroles.

My memories a little fuzzy but I feel like the French Onion soup came out pretty quickly. It was really hot but also really delicious and went well with the great French bread they provided for the table.

It then took FOREVER to get my entree, the rotisserie chicken. I feel like it would tasted really good except that it seemed a little pink on the instead which freaked me out a little bit. When we asked the waiter he said that it seems pink because they brine the chicken to make it hold in the juices more. Hmm.... still sketchy. The boyfriends ordered the Boeuf Bourguignon, which tasted good but was probably a little on the rich side.

I was feeling kind of complacent about this place until the dessert came. As I've said before dessert can make or break a restaurant for me. In this case, Anisette got MAJOR brownie points. My profiteroles were filled with vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce drizzled on top. They were delectable. I also got a taste of my friend's Vacherin Glacé (lavender-flavored ice cream with strawberries) which had the most refreshing taste and smelled good.

Overall, the restaurant ambiance was enchanting even if the wait staff wasn't. My entree was "comme ci comme ca" but the appetizer and dessert more than made up for it. They were "tres delicieux!" Lastly, the Restaurant Week menu was cheaper than the normal one which also garners some points. Overall, I may be convinced to come back here if management were to light a fire on my waiter ass.

Come back tomorrow for a review of my next restaurant.

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