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Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly NYC Blog Post - 2.13.2012


Dorian Gray

Red Lion may be a favorite but I was outraged to find out I had to pay a $20 cover to watch the rugby game on Saturday. Absolutely not. So, we ended up at Dorian Gray's in the East Village to watch the match. The staff is really friendly and the bathroom has sheets of lyrics pasted on the wall for easy reading. My favorite lyric was "Nighttime in June, Right Time to Spoon." This may become a new spot at least until rugby season is over. Only knock is that there are closer places.

Photo Credit: Dorian Gray Facebook page

Photo Credit: Dorian Gray Facebook page


Riff Raff

First off - I was here Saturday night and the DJ played the best playlist of my life. To the point that I asked him for his card. I'm going to start following him around NYC. Riff Raff is literally an underground tiki hut that is impossible to get into (my friend dropped $2500 just to get his friends in the door on his birthday) but extremely fun once inside. Do not wear something you like though because it is a drunkfest of people spilling all over each other while dancing. Also they come around and paint tribal designs on your face so don't sleep with your favorite pillow that night either. One of the best parties in NYC.


Il Laboratorio del Gelato

I've been bugging my friend to take me here for awhile and the wait was worth it. I had the Chocolate Amaretto Crunch after taste testing five other flavors. Lots of unique choices. Check the website for the full list!


Brother Jimmy's

The southern blood in me met its true love this weekend. Brother Jimmy's pulled pork is so good and so plentiful that I felt sick by the end of my meal because I couldn't stop eating it. They have three different BBQ sauces you can squirt on the pork (Original, Carolina, and Chipotle) - Original was still my favorite. Their brussel sprouts were also probably the best I've had in NYC so far which is a bold statement considering the popularity of brussel sprouts right now. The mac n cheese was a miss but overall DELICIOUS meal. And the atmosphere is awesome. Hit up the one at 31st and 8th because Katie, the bartender, is the shit.



Gusto falls into the good but not the best thing ever category for me. The fried artichokes and burrata were good but not mouthwatering and my pappardelle with oxtail ragu was tasty but nothing to write home about. The atmosphere was pretty standard too. A good meal but not one I need to go back to.

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