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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekly NYC Blog Post - 2.6.2012


Pierre Loti
So I'm tempted to not even write about this place because I think it might become my special local spot and I don't want all of you to go rushing over there...but this place is awesome. Super small, dark, great first date place. The food is Mediterranean/middle eastern and very good and the bartender, Mustafa, is a doll. We had the hummus and beef dumplings which was plenty of food for two. Definitely coming back here!

Photo Credit: Red Lion Website


So for those of you who don't follow this blog often...I am allergic to shellfish. Thus, when I go out with big groups of people to sushi/Japanese restaurants I tend to order my own stuff separate. That being said the yellowtail and spicy tuna handrolls here are delicious as is the wine by the glass. Everything else looked amazing and my friends said it was tasty so I will have to let you know next time I go - which I will be doing. The interior is very hip, although the service is a little slow. It was a 2.5 hour dinner mostly because I felt like the staff took so long to bring drinks and food. For us it didn't matter because the conversation was good but I wouldn't go here if you are in a hurry.

Photo Credit: Kibo Website


Red Lion
Ah, it's that time of year - rugby season. And what better place to watch it than the Red Lion on Bleecker where the Scottish men are hot, the food is English, and the television screens are everywhere. Be prepared for a plethora of accents and crowds during sporting events and a chill, hang out atmosphere at night. The owner, Joe, is almost always there adding a "Cheers-esk" flavor to the place. Definitely a good time.

Photo Credit: Red Lion Website


Hotel Chantelle
This non-hotel restaurant bar is going to give Bounce a run for its money as my new favorite party hangout. Much more hipster, artsy than Bounce so you won't run into the same type of clientele but the music is amazing. The mixed drinks are pretty horrible (definitely well vodka) but they do their job. The place consists of a rooftop bar/restaurant which I haven't been up to yet, the main floor which is a pretty standard bar, and then the basement which is just a massive dance party. Already planning on making this Laura Birthday 2012.

Photo Credit: Hotel Chantelle Website

Woohoo! I made it to a second Restaurant Week place. I'm on a roll! Always love saving money and still eating well. I'd heard great things about this place and was very excited to finally go. The restaurant itself may be THE coolest-looking place I've seen outside of Vegas. There is a frickin' TREE growing in the middle of it! I felt like I was eating in a tree house bungalow deep in a forest.

Photo Credit: Rayuela Website

For dinner, we did the Restaurant Week menu. Appetizers included:

creamy yuca balls stuffed with tetilla & manchego cheese,
served with poblano pepper black bean sauce, frisee salad and crème fraiche

These were good but too bland for me.

crispy pork belly in a curry lentil soup, with fried quail egg,
and green apple-smoked bacon salad

This was my order and I was definitely the winner. The pork was cooked perfectly but I wish there was more of it! I'm not a huge lentil fan which overpowered the dish a little.

lamb meatball drizzled with a mahon cheese-sesame fondue,
sprinkled with Serrano ham powder and crispy mint leaves

These were tasty but second to Pipa's albondigas in my opinion.

My entree was the Entrecot Callao which was grilled ribeye marinated in panca-pisco, green pea puree, cherry tomato chimichurri with crispy applewood tocineta. It was perfectly cooked and the egg on top was a great touch!

Dessert was lackluster, again because I'm a dessert snob. The Tres de Chocolate was chocolate cake, white chocolate ice cream, chocolate and toffee sauces. The cake was dry, the ice cream was delicious and creamy but there wasn't enough of it and I didn't even taste the toffee. It takes a lot for me not to finish a dessert and I didn't finish this one. Enough said.

I know I sound super harsh regarding this meal but that's just because I'm picky especially in NYC where there are so many amazing restaurants that I can find anything wrong with. The service here was also a little absent. However, I would still say it falls under a good restaurant to eat and you should go just for the ambiance. The booths are also very private so another good place for a first or fortieth date or a birthday party because they are bigger.

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