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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weekly NYC Blog Post - 5.15.2013

Hey Everyone - I've got a great list of restaurants and bars for you this week compiled from the last few weeks.  I even made my first venture into Bushwick!

Heavy Woods
My first adventure into Bushwick proved very fruitful!  We landed at Heavy Woods to enjoy some post dinner drinks.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Session Black on the menu which is a DELICIOUS beer from my hometown of Portland, OR.  I find it to be a less thick, more flavorful version of Guinness.

For a Tuesday night it was just crowded enough to feel "happening" without being annoying.  As in we easily found a seat by the open window.  Unfortunately not much to look out at (Bushwick is pretty stark) but the inside of this place was cozy.  I would totally come back.  Great spot for a date.

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Dinner in Bushwick was somewhat hit or miss.  I tried about three different cocktails and thought all of them were pretty poor (the margarita, the whiskey sour, etc).  Luckily the food proved much better.  We shared the veal dumplings and salted cod fritters (amazing!) and then ordered the bass and the chicken.  The chicken dish is INCREDIBLE - it has this thick balsamic glaze that I smothered the chicken in.  Would definitely recommend.  The service was great too.  Our waitress could tell that we weren't particularly into the drinks and without us even saying a word removed one of the drinks from the bill because I guess she felt bad.  So unnecessary and yet so appreciated.  Another great date spot because you have some room to yourself at the table but also great for dinner with the parents.

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Cook and Go
I attended a Yelp Elite event at this spot so I had pretty much no idea what goes on here at first but I learned that this is basically a "kitchen" where you learn how to cook different recipes and then you take the final product with you to eat "on the go."  You can sign up for a workshop by yourself or get a group together.  For example, they have a package called the High Line that is $39 per person and gets you an app, entree and dessert (small sizes) that you can then go eat on the High Line! 

The chefs are super friendly and attentive and the recipes were DELICIOUS.  We made tres leches with mascarpone, chili grilled corn with spicy salsa, horchata and tostadas.  The salsa on the grilled corn was so good that I was ending the rest of it with the left over corn chips.  Trying to track down the recipes.  Would highly recommend this for a birthday party, girls night, date night or a team-building workshop for coworkers.



I've walked past this place a few times and it always made me hungry for burgers so when we were in need of a quick yet tasty dinner option that was nearby this jumped out at me.

My overall assessment is everything is nice.  The staff is nice, the restaurant is nice and the burgers and spicy pickles are nice.  But nothing more than that.  Not standout.  For reference we had the Roadhouse and Mediterranean burgers.   Good but probably don't need to come back.  They do make milkshakes to go that are really thick and tasty though.

 Photo Credit: Bareburger Facebook


FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have waited and waited and waited and called and pleaded and FINALLY I ate at Ippudo.  And it was everything I dreamed it would be.  The fact that I would go back and wait TWO HOURS to eat here AGAIN says it all folks.  I had the Shiromaru Hakata Classic ramen (because hello you have to get the classic on your first trip) and it was fantastic.  I also ordered it with Onsen Tamago (poached egg) and extra pork belly.  WORTH IT.  It is super filling and not too salty.  Literally I'm salivating writing this right now.

And that was just the final piece.  We started with the Hirata Buns and the Hirata Chicken wings which were both outstanding too.  Probably the best steamed pork buns I've ever had.  The bun was SO fresh and hot and the pork crumbled in my mouth.  The chicken wings were large and smothered in black pepper sauce.  YUMMMMMMM.

Whatever it takes you must eat here.  It is worth the wait.


Just a quick entry here... I'm sure you've noticed the current fresh juice craze that is taking over the nation.  I refuse to partake just because it's trendy but I do think that Liquiteria is standout in terms of their drinks.  I'm a fan of good ole Jamba Juice but found myself really enjoying my smoothie from here.  I would recommend as a great alternative to a heavy meal especially after a hot yoga session!

The Toucan and the Lion
I've been here before for brunch so some of you may have already read that post.  I'm here to say "screw brunch; come for dinner."  I say that even though I was there the other day for drinks but I did have the rum braised pork belly with sambal glaze, thai sticky rice, peanuts, pickled cucumber and beet sprouts.  The glaze was thick and sweet/spicy and finger lickin' good.  Mmm....

Oh and then there were the actual drinks which I argue are some of the best cocktails in the city.  My two favorites were "The Black Night" which is Gordon's gin, Aperol, and house rendered balsamic vermouth.  The balsamic vermouth made this drink taste unlike anything I have ever had.  It's only on the menu during spring/summer so get there and try it!  The "Thai Fighter" was also good (made with Ezra Brooks bourbon, fresh muddled Thai basil leaves, simple syrup, lime, and yuzu.

Highly recommend this place and I will definitely be back to try the ever changing menu.  Great place to catch up with a friend or for a first date.


Adrienne's Pizza Bar
Happened to be down in FiDi hanging with a friend who lives down there and I hadn't eaten all day so we ended up at Adrienne's.  I have to say I was STARVING and this place still didn't really do it for me.  The pizza, loaded with toppings as it were, still didn't have any taste to it.  I was sadly disappointed.  Skip!

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Snack Dragon 
Another place that I've been meaning to try but it's apparently best late night after you've been out all night.  I'm probably one of the few who have actually been here sober in the daylight so I can give you a fair assessment.  I tried almost every tacos on the menu and they are all good.  The only one that I would say is GREAT is the Quinoa Pilaf taco with cilantro, coriander, scallions and red pepper.  All the tacos could use a little extra kick in my opinion so don't be worried to utilize the nine million hot sauces hanging out on the back table.  Will definitely hit up again.


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