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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly NYC Blog Post - 5.16.2013

More restaurants and bars coming your way!  I had a stockpile to get through this week mostly featuring amazing cocktails... theme here?


ANOTHER awesome cocktail bar...and below is a picture of my favorite of the night... The Black Book.  It's jalapeno, bourbon, honey, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.  It's like Christmas meets alchoholic milkshake.  NOM NOM.  I'll be back for you baby.  Great spot for after dinner drinks.  The bartender was super attentive and friendly as well.  And the spot is intimate yet light.  LOVE IT.

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If you love tatter tots... and  you love nachos.... you will love Reunion.  It's an underground surfer bar that takes all the toppings you would put on nachos and puts them on tots instead.  Magical.  Oh, and their famous Mermaid drink  (pictured below) is a refreshing yet strong take on a mojito and has the perfect amount of crunchy ice and liquid.  Please note one mermaid per drink :-)

The owner, Topher, is way cool and gave me three hours of tutelage on how to craft high-end cocktails.  You can even taste the different bitters they make at the bar.  I'll be back for sure.  Sunday nights are key. 

Photo Credit: Reunion Website

Le Philosophe
Found this place on Immaculate Infatuation and realized I hadn't had French food in AWHILE.  So I thought I'd try it out.  And since I'm a supporter of the "go big or go home" philosophy I ordered cured foie gras terrine, frog legs and duck a l'orange.  The foie gras was really thick and too sweet and the bread they served with it was too thick as well.  The frog legs, which I've never had before, tasted....that's chicken.  I thought that the sunchokes, garlic and watercress added a lot of great flavor to the dish though.  I'd have those again.  Lastly the duck a l'orange was delicious.  It came with turnips and pommes mousseline and had just enough sauce to season the duck perfectly.

And of course you can't go to a French restaurant without ordering the profiteroles with caramel ice cream, hazelnuts, and drizzled chocolate sauce.  Cart me out of here people!

Overall a lovely evening although not somewhere I need to go back.  Definitely a nice spot for a second/third date or for the visiting parents.

Photo Credit: Le Philosophe Website



The Daily
Another Yelp Elite event - this place was really cool atmosphere wise but not sure I was that impressed with the drinks...  Enjoyed myself but probably don't need to go back.  Although hard to say since it was a private event so maybe it's different on a regular night.


I've  heard stories of this infamous club and finally made my way there as stop four on a ridiculous spring night.  If you go LATE like 2am then you can usually get in without a problem.  I think we had more guys than girls but then again my friend came who goes there all the time so maybe they recognized him?  This place is trashy cool.  There were two female rappers performing on the catwalk stage that runs down the middle of the club.  The scent of marijuana hung in the air and a man with a tray offered up little plastic spheres of pills.  It was like walking into another world.  Truly an experience.  Hit this one up.

The Vault at Pfaff's
Stopped here for a quick drink with some girl friends before a concert on Thursday.  It's fancy with rich wood and plush cushions.  That's about all I have to say that's good about it.  The service was pretty terrible considering we were three of the six people in the bar and I ordered the bruschetta from the menu only to get two completely different bruschettas.  No idea what was even on them.  They were good but sort of strange not to give me the right order.  I dunno.  It was fine.  Don't need to go back.

Photo Credit: Vault Website

The Market Table
To welcome our new coworker I was tasked with finding a fun, yet not too expensive, restaurant near work.  I'd heard about Market Place and thought that the fresh fare and large bay windows would make a perfect work lunch.  I was not disappointed.  We ordered the quinoa hushpuppies with capers and lemon which were fantastic (you dip them in a chili sauce that's unbelievable), the beet salad with goat cheese, horseradish creme, soft herbs and hazelnuts which was also flavorful and fresh and the black angus strip steak sandwich with fontina, ciabatta, spinach, salad, and horseradish.  The sandwich was fine... it was too much bread so I mostly just ate the steak off it.  I would totally come back here and highly recommend it.  I feel like this would be a great brunch spot too.

 Photo Credit: The Market Place Website


Greenwich Project
For those who have been to Mulberry Project meet the newest of the "projects."  It reminds me of a mixology bar that Audrey Hepburn would've "breakfasted" at with it's clean lines, white table tops, and dapper staff.  I recommend the bar for its GREAT cocktails and fun bartenders.  It's the type of place you just assume the food is good too.  We lounged here for an hour or so on a Saturday afternoon and it was just perfect.  I will definitely be back.  Ask for Kevin.

 Photo Credit: Greenwich Project Facebook


The Shanty
Another adventure out into Brooklyn landed me at a bar called The Shanty.  This place is the opposite of shanty... it's a smaller venue made of wood and iron that shrugs up against a distillery that keeps the gin and rye whiskey flowing.  They serve small snacks that were strangely delicious??  It was just crostini with honey goat cheese and spicy jerky but for some reason I gobbled both.  So good!  And the cocktails... where do I start?  I HATE gin and yet the resident mixologist was magic... everything I tasted was excellent.  If you are in need of a shanty to weather a storm or just want to get drunk in great company with great drinks and eats head here.  I'll be back.

Photo Credit: The Shanty Website

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